Exams On The Doorstep!!

December 26, 2009

I am writing after a long time. Well, it is mainly due to the workload of college, which has been bogging me down. The last few days have been crazy, with brainless mugging, problem solving and pulling your hair all the time. Its now around four days till the first exam (exams on new years eve- the crappiest new year ever, instead of the happiest!!) and I’m still trying to finish the syllabus. My score in the internals were nothing so great (they were fine, except for maths and mechanical). Maybe I used the wrong strategy in the internals. But I have figured everything out and I am raring to go for the externals with a clear head and no tension (yeah!! Thats the spirit!!!).


In A Mess

November 1, 2009

I am really in a mess right now. The college has burdened us with so much of workload that we barely have time even to study. I have literally had no sleep for the last few days. This last week was very pathetic. I had things such as Chemistry and Physics project, Basic Mechanical Engineering (BME in short) lab file, German project, a few test, Graphics sheet etc.. Yuk…So much to do in so less a time. Even bunking lectures was not a good idea, considering attendance factors. Honestly, I have not done so much of work in all my school life that I have completed in a week. This last week was cursed.. Though, I have a bad gut feeling that the next few weeks are also going to be that bad…….

My Diwali Trip Home

October 21, 2009

Have just reached college again, after diwali holidays…or should I say mass bunk- lets face it: even the teachers joined in. Basically, it was an uneventful diwali, as I basically had only two days to spend with parents due to their hectic work schedule. I was initially very excited to go back home, but it turned out that I was alone for a few days, even though I had great company online, as friends were online and we chatted for long hours at a stretch.

It was a ten day absence from college, even though we group of friends were all connected together. I even took the liberty of taking two books of Mechanical and Maths, but did not do justice to them. They just gathered dust in a corner of the room. Now, when I am back here, I feel I could have done something in my free time, as we will be put to the grind again, with studies, projects, assignments and other crappy stuff.

I even visited some friends, whom I had not met in around three months. it was fascinating to see them changed so much and listening about their college stories, funny incidents and masti events. I specially enjoyed my friend Bhupendra’s soujourn at Amity,  and it was hilarious to know that he acted as a very ‘sincere student’ and gatecrashed all the planned mass bunks. We at SIT managed to conduct a successful mass bunk in our first month itself—we are very ‘Nalayak’ here. It was also fun to hear Rahul’s time at VIT. The only one whom I found missing was my bro—Saurabh, who also had a quiet diwali at MIT.

After all the fun and frolic back home, its back to where I belong. Its after all, a home away from home….

Wake Up Sid…Else We Will Miss The Bus

October 18, 2009

Its one of those incidents which warrant a lot of trouble, but when you look at it at a later stage, we still manage a laugh or two. Such an incident happened when our gang decided to go for a movie. It was a sudden plan, and we did not have any tickets also. One of our friends was in Pune and we told him to get the tickets of Wake Up Sid, which had just released that day only. The tickets cost a good amount for ten people (he had got balance for only six or seven it seems, but we managed).

My friends booked my ticket also, as I was reluctant to go. After that, i just could not say no. We just about boarded the SIT bus to Pune, as a couple of trucks had blocked its passage, and we were late already. We reached SB road at around 3 PM. We then roamed around Deccan Gymkhana road for some time, eating some delicious and rich Chocolate Sandwitches (yum!!). Then we reached E-Square Mall and lounged around for a bit.

The movie started at around 6:40, around 20 minutes late. The starting of the movie was spectacular and enjoyable. We were enthralled for the first ten to fifteen minutes, absorbing the light humour and fun filled events in the movie. It seemed as a movie straight from the heart and some very natural acting skills. I was extremely disappointed by the second half of the movie, as it seemed as the director did not know what he wanted to show…as if he got confused in between. It was drab in the closing stages, and I would have to endure the rest of the boring half…if not for an unexpected event. My friend Aniket had sent a message to the bus driver of the SIT bus that he would pick us up at University Circle, as the movie had not yet finished.

Later, when I just wanted to check the time, I found an unread message on my cell, which said that the bus was not stopping at University Circle, as it had exceeded its capacity, and that we had to reach SB road Vishwabhavan as soon as possible. The last bus to SIT campus left at 9 PM, and I read that message at 8:45. At first, there was confusion about what to do. In the end, we all left the movie without watching the last bit. We rushed to SB road on auto, and thankfully, due to a friend who held up the bus for a good 15 minutes, were able to board it. It was a huge relief, as if we would have missed it, we would have had no means of conveyance to the hostel. The local autos would have charged us hell, as they charged half return and another backdraw..No knowledge of Marathi. It was a disaster well averted.

When we reached the hostel, we discussed with some other college mates about the movie, and when they related to us the ending of the movie, at least I thought that it was better we moved out of the hall. For my part, it was pathetic. In the end, I found the movie just about average and nothing special in it. But the whole day will remain engraved in my memory as a fun-filled day with a healthy mixture of enjoyment and excitement.

A Sort of Homecoming

October 16, 2009

This has got to be one of the most impulsive decisions I have ever taken. Its diwali time and I was thinking of coming back home. The college had given only three days and the whole of first and second years had planned a mass bunk from the tenth. I had a reservation of coming back to Delhi on the 12th. Most of my friends were going togerther on the 9th. Some had to drop off at Bhopal and others at Delhi. My friend Ricky had also got a ticket in the same train.

After the packing had been done on the evening before the journey, we got to know that he had got his reservation in Jhelum Express, whereas others had got it done in Pune Nizamuddin Super Express. Quickly, another ticket was booked online in the same train. It had a waitlist of around 80. The next morning, after we had seen of the twins, who had left for Jaipur, we went to the mess to have breakfast. In the mess, Ricky asked for my laptop to check the waitlist status. While checking the waitlist, Ricky asked me to come along with them only. I was dumbfounded as I had never taken such a decision at such short notice. I called up my parents to tell them that I was boarding a train on a waitlist e-ticket (which is actually, ‘Without Ticket’).

We finished the packing, which involved dumping clothes and stuff in a suitcase, in less than 20 minutes and were ready to go. We then went to college and informed our warden that we were going and Ricky had some formalities to complete. Later, at around 11, seven of us assembled outside our Institute building to wait for the bus, which did not come. So, we reached Pashan using the vehicle of the Mess personnel and then took two autos to reach the station.

Once we boarded the train, Ricky and I were contemplating on how to avoid the Ticket Checker, as he would have deboarded us. In the end , we decided that we would pay him the ticket amount to travel. To our good fortune, he totally ignored us, as we were seven of us sitting in two berths in three tier. In effect, we travelled from Pune to Nizamuddin without ticket and for free. There was always this gut feeling of doing something illegal and being caught, but we thoroughly enjoyed on the train. The activities on the train ranged from chatting and watching movies. None of us seven slept on the journey and were constantly have tea or coffee from unknown stations. It was great fun and time literally flew.. In literally no time, we were at Nizamuddin Raliway Station where we parted ways. At last, I was home…….

Are We Truly Secular?

October 15, 2009

I had this experience around two days back and it left me wondering about the state of religious rights in India. I was at the New Delhi railway station to pick up my mother, who was journeying from Lucknow. After I picked her up, we were near the taxi stand when a semi-clad ‘sadhu’ came from behind shouting slogans such as ‘Aatankwadi Musalmaan Hai Hai’ and ‘Dhokebaaz Musalmaan Hai Hai’. Initially, I was unable to comprehend what he was saying. When I reached to my senses, my blood boiled and all I wanted was to give this ‘sadhu’ a well timed slap. But I restrained myself, in order to prevent a scene.

But what shocked me most was the callous and indifferent attitude of the bystanders. Here was a so-called-pious saint challenging the very ideals of secularism of India and mocking on the ideas which Gandhi and others stood for. Later when I was calmer, I wondered whether India is truly secular or not. In the past few years, India has had the worst communal riots which civilization has known. All these were triggered by an unfortunate incident, put fuel on by some group with motivated means..and the common man had to suffer. Seriously, in my view, India has yet to do something substantial to safeguard the interests of the minorities. And care needs to be taken that pseudo pro-minority groups do not gain influence as it is detrimental in the long run.

I was even tempted to dismiss this incident as a one-off, but I have encountered such incidents many times, which had mud slinging on Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists etc. Some cynics might argue that this was a small incident, but for me, anything which mocks another religion is big. For my part, it was shocking……..

Of Chais and Samosas…

October 14, 2009

Well, we at Symbii have a uniques way of studying, when we chose to study till the wee hours of morning. We generally start at 11:30 with an intention of full concentration. At around 1 am, one of us seven friends suggests that the mood is getting slightly sleepy. We get a brilliant idea to order some chai for ourselves. After some pints of chai, its back to some well concentrated study till around 3 am. At that moment, someone starts suggesting the mouth watering idea of one of the best samosas available. That also in a humble abode of a shack near our hostel. Its surely a treat, these samosas, after which we are well fed and watered and raring to go. Then, we usually study till 4:30 and then doze off till around 9 am.

Even though its a strange method of study, we simply can’t do without it. I somehow like this. The effect is that I have become an almost insomniac at night and sometimes, don’t get sleep upto wee hours in the morning. Sometimes, there is an urge to sleep. But the thought of the wonderful chai and the hot samosas keeps us going….

My Time So Far @ Symbii…

October 14, 2009

Earlier this year, I had taken admission in Symbiosis Institute of Technology for a 4 yr Btech course in Computer Science. I was initially a little pessimistic as this is a new college with lots of its systems not in place. But in heart of hearts, I knew that this place had lots of potential.

College started about a month late due to swine flu trouble in Pune city. Better late than never. I reached there with lots of expectations on having quality education. Initially, I did not like some of the teachers such as that of Basic Mechanical Engg , Civil Engg. But as they are in the first semester only, I will cope up to those. In my view, the education standard is increasing day by day. As compared to other colleges, we have continuous assessment instead of sessionals. This prospect is slightly frightening as we have around 4 tests a week and we are worked to the bone, but it is good in the view of making us study continuously. Plus, we have the usual projects, seminars and labs.

Now, on to the next important part of college: Friends. I have made a few very good friends in my short stay at symbiosis so far. My first friend at symbii was Ripun (called Ricky), whom I met during admission time and talked for almost 1 hr. He was in fact, the one who brought me to this place. After that, I met the two twins, Anupam and Anurag, whom I find as my mirror images, as they are in a way, exactly as I am. Next, I met my room-mates, Rajat Sharma and Sahil Tiwary, who are gem of people, very sweet by nature.  I also met Apratim, called Appie, who is also a great friend. He is just as shy as I am, but is a very sweet person at heart. I also encountered with Swapnil (I call him Swappy) and he is also an extremely helpful and sweet guy.

Well, I am having a simply great time at symbii and I am sure that this place will get better with time and we will have the time of our lives..

A New Beginning…

July 28, 2009

I have just started this blog as a creative experiment, in order to air my views on topics of my interest, which I felt were subdued due to the lack of a platform. I am, in a way, new to blogging, as all my earlier experiments with blogging were very childish. Now, I want to seriously blog and update it as often as I can. I also want to enhance my writing skills, which I feel is sometimes too preachy or involves criticism without much purpose.

As for my introduction, I am Gaurav Sood, 18yrs old, hometown Noida, current place, Pune, studying in Symbiosis Institute of Technology, My interests revolve around technology and computers, which i love, and also around very good fiction. What more can I say…My life is an open book with no secrets and thats why, I want to write all that is there to my life and interests..